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Shopping Small Delivers Quality & Comfort - Vogue Shoes

Shopping Small Delivers Quality & Comfort

When you are searching for brand-new shoes, one of the first things that you may consider is going down to your local department store in order to pick out a pair of applicable footwear for your needs. What you may want to do instead, is shop the local business that is able to deliver a far greater level of service and a much better product as a result of their dedication to customer service. 

Some of the top reasons why you might shop at a small business can include:

Supporting a local company: Vogue Shoes has been downtown Seguin, TX since 1947, and you will be supporting your local economy. Major corporations can often deliver greater markdowns, but you will likely be supporting a business that's located somewhere far away.  If you wanted to make sure that a company from your area had success and continue to offer job opportunities to those that you know best, shopping local is an excellent idea.  When you shop at Vogue Shoes, you’re putting your money right into the pockets of the hard-working members of your own community! 

Improved customer service: In a smaller store like ours, you can receive a much more directed service, which is a much more personal experience.  We take the time to measure your feet, talk to you about what you’re looking for, and offer a free foot analyses if you’re having problems with your feet.  Our experts will spend time with each of our customers and make sure that they are completely satisfied before they leave our store.  If you don’t find exactly what you were looking for in our store, we are happy to special order and even price match to get you what you need!

Shoes tailored to your needs: We carry a wide variety of footwear and inserts so that we can help you find the products to meet YOUR specific needs. With the help of our large selection of arch supports and shoes and a little know-how, we can find shoes which are comfortable and ideally made for your feet.  All of our members are fully trained in the functions of all the different styles of shoes and inserts, and are here to help guide you into the combination that will make your feet happy!

So, as you’re out there participating in the hustle and bustle of this Holiday shopping season, don’t forget to stop by our store to see what we have to offer you and your loved ones!  Shop local, shop smart, shop Seguin!

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